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    Truro’s quiet, unpretentious simplicity is both charming and misleading–this is a town full of interesting people and unexpected events. Explore the best of Truro Town with Cape Cod Realtors.

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    Truro’s wild natural beauty comes from the dramatic combination of sandy cliffs and prehistoric kettle holes which make its beaches unsurpassed. Home of Cape Cod’s oldest lighthouse, Highland Light, this town has a year-round population of only 2,003 but is estimated to grow to between 15,000 and 20,000 in the summer.
    Drive through Truro on historic Route 6 and enjoy the panoramic view! Photo by Doug Azarian.

    Cape Cod Realtors - Best Deals In Truro | Cape Cod Dream HomesTruro has a number of summer homes in strikingly modern architecture not typical of the rest of the Cape. There are a small number of restaurants but Truro is close enough to Provincetown to enjoy its offerings too.


    The town of Truro has had several different names since it was settled in 1697. Originally it was known as Payomet or Pamet after the Native Americans who lived there; for a while, in 1705 it was referred to as Dangerfield due to all the shipwrecks along its shores. In 1709 “Truroe” was finally settled on, named after a Cornish town which it resembled.

    Whaling, cod fishing and shipbuilding were the principal industries. The harbor was filled with activity until the mid-1800s when heavy winds and tides combined to fill in the once-active harbor.


    • Head of the Meadow: Head of the Meadow Road off Route 6
    • High Head: Access point for four-wheel drive vehicles from Route 6
    • Long Nook: Long Nook Road off Route 6
    • Ballston: North Pamet Road from South Pamet Road off Route 6
    • Corn Hill: Corn Hill Road from Castle Road off Route 6
    • Fisher: Fisher Road off Old County from Prince Valley off Route 6
    • Ryder: Ryder Beach Road from Old County Road off Prince Valley Road off Route 6
    • Great Hollow: Great Hollow Road off Route 6

    Hiking & Biking

    If you enjoy the outdoors, you’ll love Truro!  Truro boasts some of the best nature trails in the Cape Cod National Seashore. Explore the sand dunes and the wilds of the Cape.


    Get your clubs out, golfers! Truro is home to America’s oldest links course, Highland Links. It’s 9 holes of golfing delight in the natural rough.


    Those who like history and the arts will easily fall in love with Truro. For history buffs, the Truro Historical Society operates the Highland House Museum, just steps away from Highland Lighthouse and Highland links. The Museum houses an impressive collection and offers interesting programs and talks throughout the year.

    If you are into entertainment and the arts, check out the Highlands Center at Cape Cod National Seashore, also the site of Payomet Performing Arts.  Under their tent in the summer, Payomet features live plays, screenings, and concerts starring the likes of Rosanne Cash, John Mayall, and Rickie Lee Jones.

    If wine is your thing, don’t miss a tasting or tour at Truro Vineyards of Cape Cod–one of the Cape’s two wineries (the other one is in Falmouth).
    Cape Cod Realtors - Best Deals In Truro | Cape Cod Dream HomesTaste some wine and take a tour at one of the two vineyards on Cape Cod. Photo by Doug Azarian.

    Professional and budding artists are wild about the Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill, which hosts exhibitions, auctions, and talks and offers workshops and classes for adults and children.

    Folks in Truro enjoy year-round activities including the summer concerts on the town green, but a highlight is the annual Truro Treasures Weekend each September. The weekend is filled with fun for all–everything from entertainment, arts, and crafts, food, an adult treasure hunt, and auction.  The weekend culminates with the annual Grape Stomp and Jazz Festival at Truro Vineyards, which replaced the legendary “dump dance” a few years back. Information via CapeCodTravel.com