TIPS FROM THE PRO’S FOR PREPARING YOUR CAPE COD HOME FOR SALE – You’ve made the decision to sell your Cape Cod home.  You are preparing to select a Real Estate professional to expose your home to the marketplace, or perhaps you already have someone in mind. But how should you prepare your Cape Cod home for the marketplace?

    Buyers typically don’t want to assume any issues, large or small when they are choosing a home. And, if they are willing to do that, it will be reflected in the price they offer.   No one has ever said to me in over 40 years, “this is a great home and I don’t mind all the deferred maintenance issues”.  The conversation is more like “I like the home but with all the deferred maintenance issues, we will have to make a lower offer”.  And, that’s before their home inspection might unearth other issues.

    This is our advice to our sellers. Do your own pre-listing inspection as if you were a buyer. Kitchens are important. Have clean counter-tops for showings, and store as much as possible away. Have the septic inspection done, clean and service the HVAC system if needed.  Make sure things work, like the doorbell, fireplace (gas or wood-burning). Look for rot around trim and areas that might need paint. Check on areas that have caulking and grout, address any plumbing leaks that need repair, eliminate any water stains or mold stains that may exist.  Fix the little things that you’ve lived with.  Fresh paint or a good in-depth cleaning can go a long way too. Be sure you have all the proper keys and remotes. If you have solar panels, be familiar with your contract and have those costs associated ready to share. If you are in a subdivision with restrictions, fees or rights of way, be sure to have information at the ready.

    Spruce up your landscaping for that valuable first impression. Nothing excites prospective buyers more that a neat organized home.  If your garage or basement needs to be cleaned out, get started on that early on. Nothing excites a guy more than a clean garage, and if the floor is painted grey, even better. Same goes for a workbench or workshop. Check to be sure your furnace is clean and in good working order. Sprucing up the outside lawn, gardens and porches also makes a great first impression.

    If you do all these things before buyers come to your Cape Cod home, you stand a good chance of not only having sincere interest, but a fair and reasonable offer. For more info on getting your home ready for sale visit www.facebook.com/capecoddreamhomes